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About Us


Years Of Trust & Professionalism

Bukshisha established its name 30 years ago and has been famous for its creativity and excellence through possessing the right vision of work demands in the field of contracting. This is through the perfect performance and the professional team motivated by achievement of our high standards and commitment.


Excellence Delivered

We strive to deliver excellence and accomplish all projects through the best means and most advanced tools for a fully-guaranteed quality.


When it comes to performance, we have always been professional and dedicated to achieving the full satisfaction of our customers, so they were the best witnesses to the company’s leadership and credibility.

Our Slogan

We are distinguished by our iconic touch in our work with precision in performance and quality in implementing the finest designs that follow the latest findings of the modern architecture art.

Our Projects

Since our start in 1990, BUKSHISHA has an amazing track record in construction as we were involved in many projects of all types. The main reason for the consistency of the quality of our services is that we established our benchmarks to ensure that every project will be delivered with the highest quality possible.

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Hotel and apartments Hotels (2 Basement + Ground Floor + Mezzanine + 7 Typical Floors) - Bin Mahmoud Area

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Administrative Building (3 Basement + Ground Floor + Mezzanine + 7 Typical Floor + Penthouse) – AlMuntazah Area

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Villas Complex [AL-FERDAN Gardens (8)] (52 Villa + 16 Row Houses + 6 Apartment Building + Club House) - Abu Hamour Area

« of 9 »

Residental Building (Basement + Ground Floor + 14 Typical Floor) - Old Salta Area

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Residential Villa (Basement + Ground Floor + 1 Typical Floor + Penthouse) – AL- THUMAMA Area

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Residential Building (3) (Basement + Ground Floor + 7 Typical Floors) - Al-Muntazah Area

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Al-Sadd Towers (Ground + Mezzanine + 10 Typical Floors) - AlSadd Area

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Hotel and Apartments Hotels (2 Basement + Ground Floor + 7 Typical Floors) - Umm Ghuwailina Area

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Commercial & Residential Building (Basement + Ground Floor + 2 typical Floor) – Om Qarn Area

Villas Complex [AL-FERDAN Gardens (4)] (52 Villa + Club House) - Abu Hamour Area

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Villas Complex [BILMA] (45 Villa) - Ain Khaled Area

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Villas Complex [Pink Village] (43 Villa) - Ain Khaled Area

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Residential Building (B+G+3+PH) - Old Airport Area

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Residential Building (B+G+10) - Farijj Abdul Aziz Area

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Residential Building (1) (G+3) - Al-Muntazah Area

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Residential Building (2) (B+G+7) - Al-Muntazah Area

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Commercial Market Building - Salwa Road

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Commercial Market Building [Salwa Plaza] - Salwa Road

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Commercial Market Building [Al Jazirah] - Salwa Road

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Commercial Market Building [Al Majid] - Salwa Road

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Commercial Market Building [Al - Gharafa] - Al Gharafa Area

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GEOGREEN Shield Oil Refinery Factory - Mesaieed Area

Our Services
Details Matter
Details Matter

We are responsible for every single detail in every project, from drilling to final finishing using the best materials and technical capabilities as well as the equipment and transportation required to execute all works and construction with high-efficiency specifications and finishes.

Most Advanced Technology
Most Advanced Technology

The company has been dedicated to follow the latest methods and modern scientific techniques in the world of construction, which brings it to the highest degrees of authenticity, and this appeared in all our projects in the most luxurious locations of Doha.

Excellent Customer Service
Excellent Customer Service

The company is taking confident footsteps forward to present a new painting in the near future, and to strengthen the bond between the company and our customers.

Our Technical Capabilities

The company has its powerful and professional project managers, implementation engineers, project studies, quality control and huge technical teams for equipment, transportation, maintenance and repair work. In its steady and strong path, our projects are based on our reputation and trust of the largest suppliers.

Our Partners and Brands

Our Certificates

We were glad to be awarded these accomplishment certificates for our excellence and hardworking.


Stay updated with the latest trends and breakthroughs in building excellence as we explore innovative construction techniques and designs on our blog. Join us in shaping the future of construction.

Sister Companies

Bukshisha Company is a leading company in the field of establishing real estate and buildings following the highest standards of quality and safety. In addition to renting construction equipment, as it owns a collection of the latest and most advanced equipment in the world of construction to come up with amazing designs. Bukshisha has two branches:

Bukshisha Engineering for Contracting
Bukshisha Engineering for Contracting

Offers all the required equipment such as excavators, cranes, heavy transport vehicles, etc. that can be rented for all types of architectural projects.

Post Box: 20616
Tel: 44449441
Fax: 44449442

Bukshisha for Aluminum and Carpentry W.L.L
Bukshisha for Aluminum and Carpentry W.L.L

One of Medium Range Aluminum, Glass and Carpentry Fabricators fully Equipped with Modern Equipment and Machinery Established in 1997 in Qatar.

Post Box: 16600
Tel: 44602625
Fax: 44602625

Modern Timber Carpentry
Modern Timber Carpentry

Modern Timber Carpentry to Manufacture Furniture, Cabinets, All Timber Works and Implement Modern & Classic Designs, Which Satisfy Market Demands and Exceed Customer Satisfaction.

Post Box: 20616
Tel: 41450149
Mob: 55258888



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