HBK Remix
History of confidence and professionalism

Twenty-two years of creativity and excellence through possessing a proper vision to meet all work requirements in contracting field. Perfect performance by a professional team work with great motive for achievement and excellence in framework of seriousness and compliance with the specifications standards of architectural and construction design and professional performance that met the full satisfaction of our clients who the best eyewitness for the company’s pioneering role and credibility. We always looking for excellence and achieving the significant projects throughout best methods, accordingly we established a high level - integrated team work inside the company.
Twenty-two years of experience:

We confirm that our company have a distinctive character in the work, our logo is not to talk much but to work in silent, with full accuracy in performance in quality in executing the finest designs meet with the modern art of architecture, our projects are best prove for our credibility.

Our services

The company performs all contracting and construction works, beginning from drilling until final finishing inside State of Qatar, depending on its material and technical abilities including all equipments and transports necessary to execute all works and construction as per the high-class finishing.

Since early years of establishment, the company was keen to look for the Excellency by adopting the most international modern techniques used in construction in attempt to reach the highest degrees of authenticity and conform with modern times. The company’s projects are notable at Doha’s finest areas, where finest architectural style is seen in all parts of the city. Now the company’s relations with clients reached great level of mutual confidence.

The company goes on solid steps to provide a new artistic painting in the near future, also the company was keen to maintain its permanent relationship with the clients. we had done previous works made us to be a pioneering company in this field.

Company technical capacity:

The company enjoys distinctive human cadres including project managers and executive engineers beside its study on projects, quality control, huge technical sets of equipments, transports and maintenance work, as well as the support management. The company on its career depends on availability of high level of human cadres beside its ability to provide the required materials, it is also enjoys good reputation and confidence shown by famous suppliers due to its commitment with deadlines.

About the company:

A limited Liability Company with a total Capital reaches QR 13.000.000, Commercial Registration No; 16680. Specialized and pioneering company in construction and building since its foundation in 1990 consists of 4 branches: